DoD Integrated Prevention Policy for Prevention Workforce and Leaders Overview (One page)

The DoD is building a new capability to prevent sexual assault, harassment, retaliation, domestic abuse, child abuse, and suicide. The DoD Integrated Prevention Policy for Prevention Workforce and Leaders (Department of Defense Instruction 6400.11) equips leaders for prevention, creates the Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce, and empowers leaders with data.

Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce Overview - Public Service Announcement (Video)

Learn about the DoD's  comprehensive approach to preventing harmful behaviors in the military community. The DoD Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce supports healthier command climates and safer environments for our Service members.

comprehensive integrated primary prevention plan templates and example

The extended and abbreviated Comprehensive Integrated Primary Prevention (CIPP) plan templates are shared here to help the Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce (IPPW) develop CIPP plans. The sections identify policy requirements and provide guidance and examples to help with plan development.  These templates and example are to be used as references. Please contact your Service-specific IPPW point of contact to ensure you're using the appropriate template. The example CIPP plan is provided for educational purposes.

Overview of Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce Daily Activities (One Page)

The Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce works with leaders to build healthy climates and create environments free from harm and abuse.

Enhancing Command Climate Assessments (One Page)

A healthy climate is the first step in preventing harmful behaviors. The new DoD Integrated Primary Prevention Policy for Prevention Workforce and Leaders includes the following Command Climate Assessment (CCA) improvements.

Examples of Shared Risk Factors, Shared Protective Factors, and Prevention Activities (One Page)

Integrated prevention advances our ability to promote healthy climates by increasing shared protective factors and reducing shared risk factors. This product shows examples of shared risk factors, shared protective factors, and prevention activities at the individual, interpersonal, and organizational levels.

About SPARX Connection (One Page)

SPARX Connection is an online community of practice designed to foster collaboration and learning among DoD professionals working to prevent child abuse and neglect, domestic abuse, harassment, sexual assault, and suicide.  Includes instructions on how to join the SPARX Connection community of practice.

DoD SPARX Leader Guidebook

This tool was designed to help Military leaders develop a deeper understanding of sexual assault in the military. The tool provides important information and resources on sexual assault to ensure everyone under your command is safe, and actionable steps you can take to prevent and intervene on harmful behaviors.

Community and Organizational Level Prevention of Harmful Behaviors in the Military

This resource was created to support Department of Defense (DoD), including various military departments, Services, and the National Guard Bureau in identifying organizational- and community-level prevention approaches that can be implemented, with some adaptations, in various military settings.

DoD Technical Assistance Centers for Primary Prevention of Harmful Behaviors in the Military (One Page)

DoD technical assistance centers (TAC) provide training and technical assistance to build the capacity of leaders and the integrated primary prevention workforce (IPPW) to prevent harmful behaviors and evaluate implemented prevention activities. Harmful behaviors include sexual assault, harassment, retaliation, suicide, and domestic and child abuse. This resource is available to the Military Services, including the Reserves and Academies, National Guard and in a limited capacity to Coast Guard.


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